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Art Pop Up is a must-visit for those who are curious about art

We aim to provide meaningful and memorable experiences at the start of your collecting journey. Each of our pop-up experiences is designed to give you an immersive exploration of the ideas presented by the artist and the space where the experience is held at.

Our Mission

Regenerating art collectors

The Concept

Pop up art experience

Where art, science, technology, and you collide

  • Our experiences were designed to connect you with the artist, and immerse you in the exhibited artworks — in physical or virtual realms.

    We are not an art gallery or art fair.

  • We believe in open collaboration. So we will only use technology and medium that works for you.

  • The way we viewed and enjoyed an artwork was limited by a single perspective determined by the artist and medium or space that the artist is working with. In doing so, we are creating separation between the body and the space, eventually causing us to feel as if we are able to exist independently of the world.

    Technology advancements have enabled us to see the world through “ultra subjective space”, where the boundary between the body and the world disappears, and the two existences become a single, seamless entity. It also enables us to create our own perspective and recognize the world as a borderless continuity.

    This is a concept coined by TeamLab.